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About US

Savanna Trust is a non-profit arts organization established in 2006. The organisation uses Mainstream Theatre, Radio drama, Video Production, Arts Festivals and other forms of creative expression to promote awareness and consciousness of social development issues. The organisation is governed by a Board of Trustees responsible for policy formulation. The Secretariat which is responsible for implementing the programmes has 10-member staff led by an Executive Director. The expanse of our work has seen the organization training over 25 community theatre groups in Zimbabwe on theatre making, performance and arts management. Savanna Trust has also hosted the Southern Africa Theatre Camp and trained various theatre practitioners from the SADC region.

The organization has also produced over sixty radio drama episodes that raise awareness on variuos issues that communities interface with. In 2022, ST won the Best Climate Change Arts Award for its immense contribution in using arts to enhance the climate change discourse, and has twice won the Human Rights Arts Award in recognition for its commitment of engaging communities on human rights issues through creative expressions. The organisation has also won on four occasions (2008. 2013, 2017 and 2019) the Outstanding Theatrical Production, Best Actor, and Best Actress at the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA). Over the past years, our work has impacted many communities in Zimbabwe and beyond, especially in marginalised areas. Our theatre work has also been performed beyond Zimbabwe’s borders to critical acclaim.


To produce high-quality professional creative expressions and practitioners that inspires and promote awareness and consciousness among vulnerable communities fo sustainable livelihoods.


A knowledgeable, inclusive, and just society empowered to value their constitutional rights and the environment for sustained livelihoods.

Our values -

  • Accountability. Creating a successful and positive workplace environment that involves taking ownership of own actions and responsibilities for achieving success as well as being accountable to others to foster team spirit, collaboration and mutual support.
  • Innovation. Produce high-quality art and programming.
  • Adaptability. In a world susceptible to new trends and technologies as well as affected by pandemics, climate change, economic stressors and disasters, Savanna Trust will strive to stay relevant and responsive to new conditions and be prepared to turn a setback into a learning opportunity.
  • Creativity. Passionate and use unique approaches in producing, performing and disseminating high-quality creative expression.
  • Inclusivity and diversity. Making performances and workplaces welcoming to and supportive of all including young or emerging artists from underprivileged regions and persons with disabilities.